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How to write a report which engages the audience?

Whenever you start writing your report, you will generally have a format to stick to. During writing, there may be many parts of the report which you have to keep revisiting in order to update them relative to other content. Keep in mind, writing reports is a recurrent process. Below we have provided an example of stages your report may include, although please refer to your lecturers/universities notes to see the recommended format.

Definition of the task

Read your assignments instruction carefully and make a list of tasks assigned to you. You can use the following questions as a starting point:
What is the background of the assignment?
What is the context of the assignment?
What are the question asked in the assignment?
What kind of problem is presented?
What different types of methodologies can you apply for analysis?
Is there anything that you have to research to understand the questions better?
How long is the report supposed to be?
When is the deadline?
And many more basic questions like these...

List down the tools and research information from the task provided in your assignment.

Most of the time, your course notes and lecture slides will contain the most appropriate tools to be used during the assignment.
If you are not provided with tools, research different types of tool you can use like mind-map, SWOT, PEST, Matrix etc.
Discuss the tools with your classmates and lecturers to understand the requirements better.


Decide what actions to take to solve or remove the problems that being researched.
Make an action plan for the implementation of the solutions.
Evaluate future scenarios and make an action plan.
Ask questions like - will it work? What could go wrong? Etc.


After you have done the assessment and all the analysis, draw appropriate conclusions. Your solution must meet the required aims and objectives.

Start writing

Now that you have lots of information and you have completed the research work. You can start writing the report. Keep in mind that you mind need to go back to research work in between if any problem arises during the write up.

Add a reference/bibliography section

Your audience sometimes may want to track the information you have provided. Academic assignments should always have a reference list at the end of their reports. This way, anyone who is reading your report can go and check the information you have provided in more detail.
During writing or stating information taken from sources like websites, books, journals etc, please note down the reference of that source to add it to the reference list at the end.
Always use the prescribed format of referencing provided by your institution.

Make a title page

Check the requirements of a title page from your institution or professors.
They generally have information like, your name, institutions name, year, class, professors name, submission date, the aim of the project etc.

Final checking

Since the whole report is still fresh in your mind, please reread it again to spot any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
Make sure you have followed a logical path and structure during all the sections.
Check the tables, figures, photos and other things have a caption and a source.
Keep rereading the report until you feel satisfied for submission.