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Top basic elements of writing any piece of academic work

Top basic elements of writing any piece of academic work

In this post we will show you the basic elements that you need to figure out when writing academic papers or any other work. Your style of writing will mostly depend on the audience you are writing it for and the framework that you have been provided.

How complex do you want it to be?

One of the main principle element of academic work is present it as you are thinking inside your mind. You should decide on how complex or simple you want it to be. Generally, referred to as higher order thinking aptitudes, which includes things like: subjective procedures, explaining the issues, explain and portrayal of ideas or conceptual thoughts which generally cannot be indicated, points or drawn.

Always carry out Idea-Driven work

The basis of writing a piece of work is to start out with an idea, particular perspective or a notion applied to a selected research problem. These can include research a solution, proving or disproving a theory, answering the question that rise up etc. if you just describe a topic without proper research questions then your work may not qualify as academic work.

Make arguments based on proper evidence

Your instructions during an assignment may ask you to express what you think about the research problem. The thing your supervisors are looking for is complete understanding and knowledge of the relevant field. You should always research your subject well and put forward related academic sources that you used to complete the work. The quality of your references and sources will play an important role in how good your assignment turns out to be. Whenever proposing solution to existing problems, you have to convince the audience with proper arguments, logical debates and references.

Look for an overall objective

You have to make a map of how you are going to prepare your document. Have a logical organised flow of information which all connects to the main objective. Your assignments will always be logical and formal. Make an introduction at the beginning stating all that you are going to explain in the document. Also, always make sure your have sited proper sources and reference as your go writing your assignment.

Use concrete words

Generally, the same denotation can sometime have different connotations. Be careful about the word you use, do not use general words instead use concrete word that mean exactly the point you are trying to convey. If you are unable to use perfect words, then you need to explain the context of the word to the audience either by providing an example of by arguments.

Use unbiased language

Whenever you write a research paper, you have to put forward the arguments or points made by others. Whenever this situation arises, do not use any dismissive, offensive, confrontational or biased language. If you disagree with an argument, explain your argument and points in a non-biased way. Always have an authoritative perspective when investigating or researching for your subject.

Cite sources properly

Whenever you put forward arguments, points of research work done by others, always add a citation. References list and bibliography is very important when writing academic work, the audience should be able to track the information you have provided.